Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Slow road to Zhucheng

The fog lifted from Qingdao by late morning and even Brandon's flight finally arrived from Beijing. I was surprised that he was not dribbling and bleary-eyed after his 40+ hour journey ordeal. We soon loaded Brandon into our vehicle and finally headed off to Zhucheng....only a day late.

We eventually found the Zhucheng road, as our driver was not too familier with know when your going round in circles when the same person gives you directions.

The journey should have taken a little over two hours...but took four. This was nothing to do with our driver, it just seems that today was the day to have an accident on the Zhucheng road.

All I need again is forgive the short Blog, but we have arrived at our saurian destination. Tomorrow, we shall track some dinosaurs.

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