Thursday, 19 June 2014

Face-planted human skeletons, rigid lemons and UV lights...

The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition exhibit is slowly taking shape. Each day a new order of wonderfully synthetic fruits arrive in the mail. Today a 'bi-folded' human skeleton arrived in its cardboard coffin...our freebie UV light pens are also winging their way towards Manchester...soon to be despatched to London, all stuffed inside a wonderfully crammed truck...with a dinosaur peeping-out between the debris. The fun really starts next Friday, when all is delivered to Carlton House Terrace and the X-Appeal exhibit build begins...this is when all will be revealed, from dangerous fruit to deadly dinosaurs.

Where on the skeleton(s) do I fit?
Take a look at the image of these bones belongs to you know which one and what it is? Leave your answers on the comments....or come and see the dinosaur next week and see if you can spot this bone on the skeleton of Gorgosaurus.


  1. The top specimen is authentic. My best guess is a clavicle. Charles Egerton, Ocean Springs Mississippi, USA.

  2. Splendid observation! The top is authentic and is indeed the fused clavicles (furcula or 'wish-bone') of a T. rex...the lower is also authentic and the same furcula from the Gorgosaurus.