Saturday, 4 December 2010

Phylogenetic soup!

The past few days have been a tad hectic...just for a change. We have been shown dinosaur bones that would make any palaeo-hungry child green with envy. More fossil bone than you can shake a very large stick at...a petrified one at that! In between the too and fro from dig-sites to Museums...we eat. I might have indicated in my early blog that I was a tad nervous about my possible diet, a function of my prior trip to China with Peter Dodson. This time I have tried to knuckle-down and try some local delicacies...and have been somewhat surprised!
My meal had legs....eight of them!

Yes, these are deep-fried scorpions on my plate and yes...I ate them all. Crunchy and quite satisfying sting in these tails. The deep-fried cicada were a little more soupy...I only managed two of these juicy offerings. The pig knuckle and chicken feet were kind of chewy, with not much meat and more like a mouth full of cartilage. If I see another sea-cucumber...I might just scream.

Paul Barret (Nat Hist Museum) & Dave Eberth (Tyrell Museum) recover...
The vast array of food set before you is quite amazing.

Martin Lockley and Mark Norell...examine their food....carefully!

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