Saturday, 11 December 2010

Red-eye-o-saurus wrecked

The Stanford synchrotron is where the Manchester Palaeontology Research Group are working this week...working hard!

In the past 40 hours, I have had 4 hours sleep...this is normal when your pulling 24 hour days on a particle accelerator, as the time in such a facility is so precious.

I'm about to give a live lecture to Manchester via Skype, from the beam-line on which I am working...the wonders of modern technology!

This is an amazing place to the past few days I have met a NASA astronaut (images soon to follow), silicon-valley folks and nobel prize winners!

Manchester is calling...must go!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, 4 hours of sleep in 40 hours. It's obvious you truly love your work and as you said, you've accustomed yourself to working long hours. That's commendable OR crazy (ha ha), however, if you're able to pull it off time and time again, good on you. I am NOT such a person; I'm a writer, and I've learned in past jobs when I was a kid that I don't do well with hard labour.