Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Dinosaur and the Gavel....

The auctioneers gavel will fall on Tuesday 19th November 2013 at Bonham's Auction House (New York City)...not an unusual occurrence for such an establishment, but this particular sale involves dinosaurs and other beasties from the fossil record. The sale of such fossils often generates debate among palaeontologists as to the ethics of such material being sold. The worry that fossils will disappear into private hands, never to be seen again by scientists, is a real concern. However, it is also a pity that dinosaurs seem to be the main focus of such debates, when there are so many other beautiful fossils that often find themselves in a similar predicament...but dinosaurs seem to attract the media attention, especially if the said beastie(s) is of the predatory persuasion.

Upside-down dinosaur...the head of this predator rests on the bridge of its nose!
I head to New York in the morning to follow science, media, public attention and ultimately the result of the said auction. Over the next few days I will no doubt hear views from many camps on the sale and acquisition of such remarkable fossils. My only hope is that the focus of this particular sale...the 'Duelling Dinosaurs'... are purchased by a public museum, so that one and all can gawp at this stunning fossil.

A relatively large arm, but huge hand defines this splendid predator.
Ultimately the fate of these splendid dinosaurs come down to a simple fiscal denominator...who has enough money on the day. Hopefully some kind-spirited folks are out there and are feeling generous towards their local or national museum...

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