Saturday, 23 November 2013

Reaching out with science....a busy week of particle physics, public engagement and dinosaurs!

Tomorrow I head down to Birmingham to set-up our 2012 Royal Society Summer Exhibition exhibit for a science outreach meeting hosted by the STFC at the University of Birmingham. This should be a fun day of meeting folks who equally value the publics engagement in science. Several members of the research team from Manchester will be taking part in this event and passing-on their knowledge and experience on what we have explored within the realms of public engagement.

On Tuesday, I head down to the SE of England to film with the BBC...I will tweet when this will be transmitted (later in the week on BBC1). The subject of the interview...again, that will have to wait.. is suitably-saurian.

On Wednesday we re-build the 2012 Chemical Ghosts exhibit, this time at the Olympic Park in London for a splendid TeenTech event. This is a GREAT organisation that I encourage schools to contact and take part in their events across the UK. This is a unique opportunity for kids to listen to talks and take part in events put on by both industry and science (from universities and companies alike).

On Thursday, time for a lecture at Highgate School in London where I hope to explain to the students how interdisciplinary science is changing the way we study the evolution, biology and history of life on Earth. A busy week ahead, but not too different from last week!

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