Friday, 26 October 2012

Blown away by Sandy...but the fossils are fine!

Forgive the lack of blogs these past few days, but I am en-route back to Manchester...via a very windy route. You can imagine my joy when I logged into Weather Underground to see this....

...the awfully nice folks at Weather Underground have allowed me to use this image. All I can say, the image is much prettier than the look on my face, when I found that my flight path was taking through the inner bands of Hurricane Sandy. Thankfully, I am now sat in Washington DC, awaiting my flight for Manchester...not feeling too hungry after a rather lumpy flight. I clutched my precious fossils tight to my chest, as I have promised a few colleagues back home some samples from my new locality...hmmmm, methinks I forgot to mention this new locality in my blogs? Oh well, I had better work on the fossils first and then tell you the full story at a later date. Sorry, but that is how it has to be....but patience is something any budding palaeontologist is more than used to.

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