Saturday, 1 January 2011

The longest day?

Tomorrow at 12:35pm I set-off for Philadelphia, this being Sunday January 2nd 2011 in Australia...I arrive 20+ hours later in Philadelphia, again on Sunday January 2nd 2011 at 5:30pm in the afternoon. I love the international has provided me with the longest January 2nd I have ever had to endure...I say 'endure', as once again I will be flying. My favourite thing :-(

This past week has been stunning. The geology, palaeontology, wildlife and people of Australia have been wonderful. I have to say that Tasmania is a hidden gem, packed with beautiful landscapes, amazing climate and very friendly inhabitants. We all felt welcome and at home.

New Years Eve in!

Fireworks over the Opera House in Sydney Harbour

Forgive this short blog, as I shall do as I did with China and later provide a longer and more pictorial blog of the past week...but shall write this on my flight to Philadelphia, via Los Angeles. I shall once again disobey the rule of long apologies in advance!

Now I must sleep.

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