Wednesday, 2 October 2013


I have finally given in to pressure and decided to start a Twitter account...I am not entirely sure how this will work, as I have to admit this was not high on my list of priorities. However, folks have almost convinced me that a twitter feed might provide insight to my work as a I can instantly post images of experiments, places, people and of course...dinosaurs.

Whether we are at the museum, in a hole in the ground or scanning fossils we will tweet!

This blog will keep going, as I feel this can be much more informative and useful forum to provide a more extensive narrative on my teams work. We have some research trips and meetings coming-up in New York, Denver and Los, I will try and tweet real-time events, but continue writing my blog as a more comprehensive review of projects, events and publications. So, if you want to follow my work, travels and research on Twitter, my username is @drphilmanning

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  1. I can't believe you caved! It's official . . . I'm the last one . . .