Friday, 25 October 2013

A gathering of scientists....a time to listen and learn.

It is that time of year when geologists, palaeontologists and the many other folks who study the multiple facets of earth and life history....head to conferences. Two of the biggest meetings of the year happen to be running back-to-back in Denver (GSA) and then Los Angeles (SVP). So, in the next week I and a large group from Manchester, will be doing our best to post information on hot topics and entertaining talks....that shed new light on the many respective sciences that combine to deliver a better understanding of our planet's history and the evolution of life on the said rock.

This is a splendid forum where folks can get together and discuss their latest discoveries, new species and de novo techniques that might help our field take steps forward. It is even an excellent forum to discuss the ups and downs of experimental work, given science can often move forward as a function of taking a few steps back. An experiment that does not work or even a simple mistake can often help to open a new door, which otherwise would have remained overlooked. It is fun to think that mistakes in science can be as important as those rare eureka moments!

If I don't have time to blog every can follow the lectures and events on my Twitter account @DrPhilManning

Troodon, by Jon Hoad....just an excuse to put this awesome picture on my blog!

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