Friday, 29 June 2012

Chemical Ghosts...can be FREE!

My book 'Chemical Ghosts' was published today on the iTunes an iBook. If you are so inclined, the said volume can be downloaded for FREE onto your iPad and opened in your iBooks App. This book has allowed me to add photographs, video and text, that explains much about our current research using synchrotron based imaging. Enjoy!

Those of you who find the above book interesting might also want to explore another volume of mine which was originally in print a few years ago, but has also recently migrated to the iTunes Bookstore, this being 'Grave Secrets of Dinosaurs'.

Think of this as blog-post 99.5 as I still hope to have a blog worthy of being 100th in the next few days...


  1. Congratulations, Dr. Manning on having your book published on iTunes. Well done.

  2. Well that's rather fortuitous timing. I finished 'Grave Secrets of Dinosaurs' about two hours ago.

    Is 'Chemical Ghosts' to be digital only or will it also have a print version? While I have an iPad, I tend to prefer reading print or on dedicated e-readers as they tend to be easier on the eyes (although, admittedly, iPad has the nice feature of videos embedded in the book).

  3. Well I don't like Apple products, so I suppose I'll have to pay for it. If you think it's worth publishing in any other format, that is...