Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Caught between continents!

My blogging has fallen by the wayside these past few weeks. The day after my visit to the AMNH I had to dart over to the UK to put a Gobi dinosaur vertebra on the X-Ray CT spit, then jump on a plane to Germany to give a paper at a wonderful meeting in Obernkirchen. I then had to hop back on a plane to the UK, via Zurich...spending a night writing-up a paper with a colleague in Manchester, before heading back to the USA the next day...and that's when I started getting busy!

Close Encounters of a Saurian Kind....A night a the Obernkirchen Dinosaur Track Site in Lowe Saxony.

I realize that I have a great deal of blogging to catch-up with...I shall endeavor to do this at the let me think, what day is it today?

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