Sunday, 27 July 2014

Gorgo arrives in Manchester!

15, the record number of visitors who attended the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition this year...if I was being honest, I would say it felt like more! When the Gorgosaurus finally left the Royal Society buildings...we were all exhausted, but happy to have taken part in this splendid annual event.

We have now installed the Gorgo at the Manchester Museum (above), in their main entrance cannot miss her when you enter the building! We spent 2 hours balancing on scaffolds and ladders to install the said beastie on its new 'perch'. It will stay at the Manchester Museum till December, before we tour here around the UK to tell as many folks as possible about our research.

Her recent visitors include a rather splendid dino-costumed chap who put the frights on some of our Museum visitors...and drove one child running into the museum shop screaming...maybe a little too real for a 3 year old? I still prefer the mounted skeleton towering about the rubber-oh-saurus!

I also had a new book published last week ('Dinosaur Wars'), so again I used the Gorgo as a suitable backdrop (above) the book explores the relationship between predator/prey in the Age of the Dinosaurs...hopefully a few more 7-11 year olds will be hocked on dinosaurs if they read this book!

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