Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Conversation and Dinosaurs...

Today I took some respite from grant writing, research, public lectures and reviewing papers to visit Professor Mike Benton at the University of Bristol. Mike is certainly one of the most influential vertebrate palaeontologists in the world today and he has also had a very positive impact upon my career. More importantly, he is an all-round splendid chap who regularly delivers public lectures on palaeontology to help captivate and capture the next generation of fossil-hunters. We had recently been asked to deliver a joint lecture at the Cheltenham Science Festival, so we decided to meet and discuss a plan of attack for the said event. After an hour of simply talking through the topics available, it became clear that a simple conversation, as opposed to lecture, might work best for the event. So, if folks want to come along in June (3-8)...you can listen to Mike and I...'Talking with Dinosaurs'.

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