Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Just like a cave....only tighter!

Today we discovered that the frame of an ex-rugby player with a shot rotator cuff is not ideal for caving. Some of the caves that we ventured into today were so tight, that sheets of paper would need to exhale before squeezing through the micron-wide gaps that the caverns presentred us with. Needless to say, some of the team were better suited than others to these tight situations.

At first glance such caves seemed almost possible...but the knee-scouring, chest rubbing, head-butting environment soon seemed better suited to size zero troglodytes. However, Bill Sellers stepped into the breach, or more accurately squeezed into it. So much so, we were worried he might become a permanent feature of the cave. However, after several gallons of perspiration, he managed to slip and slide his way between the unforgiving bedding planes of this particular cavern.

Dr Egerton was also able to squeeze between rocks, where few would dare to pass. Clutching sample bags in one hand and dragging your body with toes and fingernails, was not a task many were up to today...but it seems Victoria is at home in the caves.

I have video of Dr Mike Buckley extracting himself from the jaws of one particular cavern. An image of this incredible endeavour would not do him justice...but the his atire clearly shows the scars of an heroic encounter of a cavernous kind!

As for my endeavours today....well, it has taken me far too long to write this blog one-handed. Caving with a bad shoulder is not a great idea. By the close of play today, we were all hot, dripping in perspiration,  exhausted and very muddy...but above all, we were happy with our exploration achievements of the day.

Here ends another day at the office......

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