Sunday, 19 June 2011

'Life in Color' or 'Life in Colour'?

National Geographic have kindly brought one of the shows from the 'Jurassic CSI' series forward in transmission to July 7th on the NG main channel. It will be the first of the six shows to be aired in the USA, the rest following from mid-August through September 2011. It's strange seeing something on the box that was filmed nearly two years ago, in some cases. However, it will hopefully provide an injection to the growing number of documentaries about palaeontology that show 21st Century technology being applied to this broadening field of science.

The 'In Living Color' (spelt minus the 'u' for the US market) will explore some of the latest research that has been undertaken between the University of Manchester and the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Light-source (SSRL). You will see Roy Wogelius, Bill Sellers, Uwe Bergmann and myself applying our disparate (that's not desperate!) skills to precious fossils from around the world. Worth a watch if your in the USA.

I feel remiss that I did not mention a couple of weeks ago, I finally managed to see the horseshoe crab (Limulus polyphemus) making 'whoopy' on the Delaware their usual vast numbers! A remarkable mass mate/spawning that occurs every year on this long section of the Atlantic Coast of the USA. On both full and new moons through May and June, this incredible spectacle can be seen almost anywhere along the Delaware and New Jersey shore. These wonderful beasties drag themselves up onto the beaches in their millions, dumping BILLIONS of eggs, to ensure the next generation. I will endeavor to sort my images from this wonder of nature and tell you more about this enigmatic creature, whose ancestry long pre-dates dinosaurs.

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